Project Bookcase

I recently made some bookcases for one of my clients. The bookcases were made to display a collection of Victorian Books. I used Tulip Wood in the construction and once finished I primed the bookcases ready for finishing. 


 Nicky Hancock from was employed by my clients to produce samples of possible paint finishes. The original idea was to use one flat colour as a finish. After some consultation and deliberation a specialist paint finish was decided upon. The aim of the paint finish is to match a piece of material that will be used to upholster one of the client's chairs. The most sensible place to apply this finish was in my worksop which enabled me to see first hand how the final finish was achieved. I took the opportunity to take a few photos of this process.

Two coats of a hand mixed base colour are applied to all surfaces of the furniture.


A translucent glaze is then applied over the base colour.


The glaze is then stippled out. This technique spreads/disperses the glaze in preparation for ragging.


A scrunched up rag is then used to create a surface texture.


This in turn is softened out with a Badger Hair Softner.



The finished Bookcase, delivered and installed.

This has been a very interesting process to watch for me . To me this finish adds another dimension to the furniture. If in the future I have furniture that requires a specialist paint finish I would certainly reccomend to consult with my clients.