Midcentury kitchen

1950s and 60s inspired oak kitchen

This midcentury kitchen was designed for a 1960s flat in North London that was undergoing refurbishment. The design started by taking references from the period of the building and slightly earlier.

The midcentury kitchen is made using solid European oak and oak veneered birch ply. The cabinets sit on oak turned legs rather than a solid plinth to give the kitchen a lighter feel. An integral handle detail was used on the oak veneered door and drawer fronts (when you use the door or drawer itself to open it, rather than a handle or a door knob). 

A round groove was machined into the top of the drawer fronts and doors. In the wall cabinets there was a groove on the bottom of the door, which became the handle. The drawers are made in solid oak with dovetail joints and are housed on full extension soft close runners.

Reeded glass was used in the upper cabinets, reminiscent of kitchens from the 1950s and 1960s.

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