Modern oak kitchen

Handmade with solid oak

This beautifully modern oak kitchen in Brighton was made using a combination of solid oak and oak veneered birch ply. A grey tint was added to the finish before final coats of oil, giving it a light-washed look.

The base units mainly contained drawers in solid oak, which were operated with a push release catch instead of using handles, creating a simple, streamlined look.

The upper cabinets were fitted with reeded glass, which provided ambient background lighting when illuminated from inside. The doors in these cabinets were fitted with a lift mechanism, which allows easy access to the cupboards when preparing food and cooking.

There is a pull out spice drawer to the left of the hob, which is also very handy when cooking.

An integrated pull out bin, fridge freezer and dishwasher were hidden away behind doors, which were all veneered in the workshop.

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